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Namaskar to all dear members,
                                                 Here is Krishna Gundawar. I'm new to this forum and i just want to share something with you friends. As we all know the Biotechnology field is not new to India presently. It is considered that the dawn of 2020 may bring plenty of skilled man-power in this sector in our country.

                                                 As this field is very different in its own kind and has tremendous potential for creating ampel employment. Our government specially Ministry of Science and Technology under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is trying to promote the education in this field at Graduate level.
                                                Basically this field is applied but to become a successful biotechnologist one has excel in the basic sciences. But why I'm telling to you all these things. There are variety of media to promote the knowledge in this area. But I will tell you the reason for all these activities.

                                               Actually at global level the research in this area is at peak level. But in our country there few universities to give education in Biotechnology. Here i want to ask you question. Can we give this education to school children? Is it not necessary to include biotechnogy in school curricula?
                                               Basically this is the science of biology with tremendous curiosity about nature. Can we modify school science subject to a different level? In India DBT is trying to develop following sectors under BT umbrella.
                                               Biotech and Pharma industries
                                               Medical Sciences
                                               Fuel Technology etc.
                                               DBT has started a science club called "DNA Club" which is specially designed for school children. It provides very interesting and important information about Biotech, DNA, Gene, Protein, Cloning etc. It can be accessed on following website: www.dbtindia.nic.in
                                               I think educating right from school children can create a young power in Biotechnogy and by 2020 India will be really super power in science education.

Krishna Gundawar


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It is a good suggestion...

Can you please give a specific link for DNA Club on the website of DBT? I could not get details of DNA clubs on the DBT website you suggested.



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u will get it on http://dnaclubs.nic.in/



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Thanks. I will go through it.


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Since our country India is agro based country, this field i.e biotechnology will have a great importance in our country. Its our  responsibility that we should inculcate information about this field in the mind of youngsters so that they start liking the subject and do the needful for country


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शालेय पातळीवर सध्या गणीत, भौतिकशास्त्र, रसायनशास्त्र आणि जीवशास्त्र हे विषय शिकवले  जातात. ते उत्तम आत्मसात केल्यानंतरच जैवतंत्रज्ञान हा विषय शिकवावा. त्याची पातळी महाविद्यालय आणि पदव्युत्तर अशीच आहे. त्याआधी मूलभूत  शास्त्रे न कळता जैवतंत्रज्ञान  शिकवू नये. विदयापीठ  अनुदान  आयोगाने देखील जैवतंत्रज्ञान पदवीस  आजपर्यंत मान्यता दिलेली नाही. विद्यापीठानी  जैवतंत्रज्ञान पदव्या देण्यास सुरवात केलेली आहे. पण जैवतंत्रज्ञान भारतात आणणारे डॉ पुष्पमित्र  भार्गव यानी जैवतंत्रज्ञान हा पदव्युत्तर पातळीवर  शिकवावा असेम्हटले आहे. त्यामुळे आहेत्या शास्त्रांचा  शालेय पातळीवर अभ्यास. पदवी मूलभूत शास्त्रामध्ये आणि पदव्युत्तर आणि संशोधन बायोटेक्नॉलॉजीमध्ये  हा क्रम घ्यावा.


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I do agree to what 'Madwanna' says. We should not be just emotional, but we should be practical while designing the educational courses. UGC's decision of not recognising the degree in biotechnology is justified.

On this background, one thing I will like to know - As the degree is not recognised by UGC - What is the fate of those students who have already received the degree in Biotechnology? Can they do postgraduation/Ph.D in biotechnology?

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Suggestion is good. But at school level it is to early and I agree with Shri. Madwanna.