Topic: there is nothing called fantasy in this world..!!

Q=What is a fantasy?...                A=It's an imagination.
Q=What is imagination?...             A=The thing which is never beyond our knowledge.
Q=So what is world of fantasy?    A=The world which is in our knowledge.
In other words,we can classify fantasy as 3 main categories 1]The facts 2]Practical fantasy 3]Impractical fantasy..!
We can apply graph theory here like the facts are the vertices and the impractical fantasy or the connections are the edges(graph theory is a branch of Mathematics)
so if i say for a certain graph G representing a practical world then in that graph G having the same vertices(the basic things or the facts)if we create a graph G' such that different combination of edges it may form a fantasy
example=A white colored lion can speak English,can fly and he get's a noble award..now this is a fantasy
but white color is a fact(the knowledge of a color white)an animal falling in category of big cats that's lion exist is a fact but the edge joining them or the connection white lion is practical fantasy(an edge which is possible in this practical world)...the verbal language English is a fact but a lion speaking that language becomes impractical fantasy...and so on...
so my conclusion is if we ASSUME that
1]there is no superstition since it is fantasy and if we studied more on this thing which seems like illogical may contain some facts which may contain some practical fantasy in it
2]There is nothing called lie or false since it comes under category of impractical fantasy or rather i will say lie or false thing is PROPER subset OF impractical fantasy
I want to share more thoughts on this but 1st i will stop here i would like to know more about what you think so far..and what are your thoughts