Topic: Programme in rural areas

I am a teacher from murbad taluka thane please arrange programmes related to science in our area so that our student can get benefited from that .due to such a long distance(still in 2012 MUMBAI is so long.......) for them.the reasons are folded in mind set of parents /school admn./geographical or many more. either guide us how our students will run into the race with urban students thanks.


Re: Programme in rural areas

आपण यासाठी परिषदेत संपर्क साधून परिषदेच्या विज्ञान विभागातील कार्यकर्त्यांशी बोलावे. या कार्यकर्त्यांकडून आपल्याला या संबंधी अधिक माहिती मिळू शकेल व काही योजना आखणे शक्य होईल.


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sarvana watate ki aplya gavaparyant vidnyan pohchayla pahije, aplya gavacha vidyarthi khup sanshodhan karayla pahije, pn tech sarvjan shevat paryant prayatn karat nahit.
ani jo paryant apan tyasathi kathor pryatn karat nahi, toparyant he chitra kadhich kadhich badalnaar nahi.


Re: Programme in rural areas

shree Haridas,
What you say is correct.But before anyone puts hard work,he must know,as to what he should do.So,let there be one lecture arranged by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad,explaining what is science / technology research.Then,one can decide,what he has to do and then he can start putting hard work.