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How is the oil spilt over the sea taken care of? (This has a reference to recent incidences of oil spillage.)


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Even i would like to know more about it.. How an oil layer is removed? how much time they need for complete removal? what are expected ill effects on marine flora and fauna? this is all reference to recent Oil spillage incidence


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There are three four methods.
1) Sprad saw dust (wood dust) or chalk powder on the layer.Layer becomes heavy and sinks.It goes to the bottom of sea and remains there for a year or so.
2) Hair booms are developed by putting hair in a bag.Such bags are spread near the shores.Oil gets absorbed by the bags.
3) If the water on the sea is still,create some obstructions around the spilled oil and suck it by pump.
4) Oil companies in India have a method and they are going to use it betwwn today and tomorrow,but what it is is not known.



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Good information. Thanks.

Couple of questions...

(1) How thick is the oil layer?

(2) Can the spilt oil catch fire?

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You have endless querries in your mind,thus you are confused.

To answer your new set of questions,

1) Present oil leal layer is 10 to 12 mm thick.

2) Yes,this oil can catch the fire .
In present incidence,Anti pollution disposal spray was spread by 6 helicopters to avoid catching any fire.



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At least for time being, I am satisfied.


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After the recent oil spillage, there is a strong debate over the edibility of fishes caught near Mumbai seacoast.

Now I am totally confused. Should I eat fish or not?


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Nobody to advise me?


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Hello everyone,
This is the first time I am taking part in a Conversation,
ok, so, lets get back to the point,

The best way to treat oil spill is to use Genetically engineered Microorganisms,
some Genetically engineered Microbial species such as Pseudomonas putida showed efficient oil eating (Microbial digestion) properties and trust me, the way they execute their work is very interesting.

Other than Microbial species,
some fungal species also help to absorb oil within themselves,
During literature study of my BE Final year project,
I found that Oyester Mushroom, an edible (and very tasty) variety of Mushroom also employed to treat Oil Spills.

There are many Research programs are going on all around the world to employ living organisms to treat oil spills.