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गेल्या दशकात डॉ. गोवारीकर आणि त्यांच्या सहकार्‌यांनी भारतातील पर्जन्यमानाच्या भाकीतासाठी एक गणिती प्रारूप तयार केले होते. ते अजुनही वापरात आहे का? वा त्यात काही बदल केले गेले आहेत का?

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Dr.Gowariker got this work done through IMD.It was`nt his own work.He pushed it since it was stalled for years.This formula came into being in 1991.There were 16 parameters then.It is understood now,some of the old parameters have been dropped and new one adopted.No.of parameters have increased than 16.Still how much rain fall will be there is only possible to predict.Our farmers need time table of rain fall with the quantity at particlar locations.That appears to be a dream still.



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