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Why don't we dump garbage on earth in the outer space to solve our problem of dumping the garbage ?


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We have already spoiled our own planet. Why you want to spoil the space also.....


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our space is unlimited , moreover we can force the garbage towards sun so that it will burn by sun's heat . :)


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Dear Sir, First of all, it is costly to carry the garbage out of the earth's outer space. Secondly, yet it is impossible to throw or force any object towards the Sun! (check!!)

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Yes.... What Santosh says about the cost is correct. Our Chandrayan-1 expedition involved a payload of about 1.4 tonne and costed Rs. 386 crores. This comes to about Rs. 275 crores per tonne of payload.

Now coming to garbage.....Garbage generated in Mumbai alone is over 5,000 tonnes daily. Calculate the cost involved in sending the garbage to space...


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If we look at every substance as a chemical composition, we can look at this problem in a wide sense.
            Every substance has some chemical composition, let it be milk, a stone, a leaf, a body organ etc. The chemical processes can covert one substance into another form using different forms of energy. for example, the food we eat, body digests it and converts into usable chemical compositions like proteins, amino acids etc. Or a potato bush will create carbohydrates(The potato itself!) using photosynthesis process and elements in soil.
           Today, as we can see, our garbage includes a lot of different materials like degradable substances and metals/plastic etc.We see heaps of them in the disposal lands. What to do with them is really a problem and no better solution is yest seen.

I suggest below weird options.
1. Separating bio-degradable and non degradable garbage is a headache for all involved parties. On those garbage heaps, where we have both degradable and non degradable substances, we can release small numbers of earthworms,mollusks (गोगलगाय ). These animals can rapidly digest degradable stuff and reduce the heap size.
Rather than sending remaining garbage into space, we can try to dump them in volcanoes or lava channels. The temperature is too high, and it will burn everything.We can add garbage slowly so that we do not disturb the pace of a volcano or lava river. Disadvantage is that this will add to air pollution issues. However, we may give original elements back to nature. This is better than manually burning garbage as it needs money and inflammable substances to help burning.

These are my thoughts. I am not sure if they are desirable. But sometimes something innovative can come from such ideas.
Moderators can wipe off this reply, if its scientifically incorrect.

Thank you.
-Tejas Athavale.