Topic: science education at school level

It is not compulsory for ICSE students to pass in SCIENCE as subject at 10th std level. How this concept can be acceptable in developing country like INDIA? I feel it should be made compulsory passing subject at 10th level - whatever the board may be!


Re: science education at school level

Yes. It should be compulsory... Especially if the student is opting for science next year. (If he or she  wants to study arts or commerce, then it may not be necessary.)


Re: science education at school level

Yes, what you say is correct. How can one say somebody has passed particular level exam even he/she has failed in particular subject. Moreover how to compair it with others. I think we needs standardization of education in India


Re: science education at school level

I agree with you all. The same thing is apllicable to all subjects. Science and Maths are more special as they are important in day to day life. The school students should pass a bench mark. The nature of examination may be different but the knowledge should be checked.


Re: science education at school level

I agree that it is necessary to have science & maths  included in learning. it`s unavoidable
as we daily use it in some or other form.


Re: science education at school level

The unfortunate state is whatever is learnt in school or even college science, most students fail to apply it or even appreciate it in everyday life. Of course students and teachers both need to be blamed for this. However my personal feeling is science need not be a compulsory subject. What I have realised after teaching of 15 years and interacting with students and common people interested in science is that the language is the most important thing that everybody should master (at least comprehension and communication part). It is always useful to know more than one languages and learning them actually helps self-learning process. In the age of google and wikipedia, the learning of languages has become most important. I am not saying scientific concepts are not important or so. Maths is language of physical sciences at higher education and so it must be learnt for that level to achieve. I am just commenting about what should be or should not be compulsory at SSC level. Many people think that if they or their children want to do engineering/medicine/science why should they be burdened with languages. I had similar feeling 25 years back when in college, but now I have grown up.