Topic: डेरीव्हेटीव या गणिति विषयी पाठाबद्ल.

डेरीव्हेटीव या गणिति विषयी पाठाबद्ल मराठीत माहीती द्यावी.व्यवहारी उदाहणे देऊन स्पष्ट करावे. ही विनंती.


Re: डेरीव्हेटीव या गणिति विषयी पाठाबद्ल.


It is known as Rate of Change of a particular Activity Suppose if you want to find out rate of change of speed for a very small distance then derivative is used

Practical Example
If your travel by train from Thane to Dadar in 30 minutes by covering 25 KM distance then Average Speed is (25/0.5) = 50 KM/Hr you can calculate this easily because distance is quite far away. This is nothing but Rate of Change

Now suppose, If you want to find out same "Rate of Change" for a very small distance......... Lets say Your train starts from Thane and immediately stops .....(which you feel many time) and YES Exactly this rate of change OR Average velocity now I want to find for which I WILL USE DERIVATIVE.............. because I have covered Infinitely small distance with Infinitely Small Speed

So If Geometrically to look at it ..for a Function if I want to find a slope of a point then I will use Derivative ..This point Slope is similar to above infinite distance covered by train when it started and immediately stopped

Sachin Shukla