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Magnetic line of force has many properties. One of them is " Magnetic line of force can not intersect to each other. "  My question is that why these lines not intersect to each other?


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According to simple physical interpretation of magnetic line of force, it indicates the orientation of a magnetic field at a point in space. If there is a single magnet, question of intersection of lines will not arise as there will be only one direction for magnetic field at any point.

However, if there are two magnets kept in the vicinity of each other, lines due to each magnet will intersect each other. Then the orientation of the field at the point under consideration will be decided by the resultant magnetic field at that point. Consequently, the direction of the magnetic line at that point will depend on the direction of this resultant magnetic field. In fact, presence of the other magnet will generate a new pattern of magnetic lines of force which will be different from that created by each magnet individually.

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Thank you Waman sir


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Waman sir my doubt cleared by your explanation but it is about two magnets kept in vincinity. But when a single magnet creats a magnetic lines that lnes origanates from poles. Each line is separate from other.  They starts from north pole and ends in south pole. Is origin point and ending point of each line same or different?