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I heard Dr.Anil Aavchat on TV sfew months back.As per him ,skin -like hair and nail grows every day,and if this 'growth' can be  removed every day ,by rubbing while taking bath,and there is no need to use bath soap.I have been practicing this -rubbing and brushing method for last 3 months,and it really works !!

Comment please.


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मर्यादेत   वाढ्लेल्या नखांचा रोजच्या जीवनात खूप उपयोग होतो.


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Totally confused...

We were taught in school that long nails are unhygienic. Now Shri Limaye says that long nails (of limited length) are very useful in our daily life. I will like to know correct length of nails which are not unhygeinic, but at the same time they are useful in our daily life.

And also kindly specify its uses from human physiology point of view.


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